Thursday, August 29, 2013

Informed Consent

One day, in the Friday morning in Wira Medika Hospital there is a woman 20 years old, her name is Miss Yuli. She is come alone to the hospital without her family or someone. She to hold her stomach with face pain expression.
In the Wira Medika Hospital, the woman meet with a doctor. And than the conversation between the patient and the doctor is like that :
Patient             : exccuse me, good morning doctor?
Doctor             : good morning Miss, shut down please, Can i help you?
Patient             : yes doctor, i need your help.
Doctor             : what is your complait Miss?
Patient                         : I had a trouble in my stomach since 2 days ago. I can not to pee. I feel my stomach is very tense.
Doctor             : oh yeah, firstly i will check your stomach. Laying down please!
Patient             : ok doctor.

            After the doctor has been finish examine the patient’s stomach, and than the doctor is very surprised with the condition of the patient, because she found a stomach abnormal condition, which an bladder distention.
Doctor              :  Your bladder is in distention condition. If you can not to pee since 2 days ago it is very dangerous condition for your kidneys, because their regulation are distrub. I have an prossedure to overcome your trouble.
Patient               : what it is, doctor?
Doctor               : This trouble can also by the invasive treatment, it is by an urine catheter. I will to fix a catheter to your urinary tract.
Patient               : what is the meaning of catheter, doctor?
Doctor               : the catheter is one of instrument, it is made from an elastic rubber. The catheter will be paire in your bladder pass through your genital organ. It is name is your meatus urethra. The terapy procedure is not difficult. The treatment will be better than now, because it is the one of methode to saving you from your trouble. And before I do my treatment, I will give you an agreement letter. This is an informed consent. It’s letter contain about legality aspect of law. I can not to force you, because in the informed consent the patient is free from a pressure by other person. That’s your decision to agree or unagree.
Patient               : if there is no other methode to save me, I will agree to your advice for me. I will follow the procedure in this hospital because i am very afraid to my condition.
Doctor               : ok, let’s follow me
                           It is an informed consent, please you read before, and after that if you are agree please complete the data and the end you can signature here.
Patient               : ok..

After five minute latter. The patien complete the data in informed consent, and signature the informed consent.
Doktor                         : ok, now you can get the treatment in this hospital
Patient               : ok, thanks doctor


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